About us

My name is Sameerah Moore, my husband and I are the proud owners of Drip Scent Essentials. We started our business after I suffered a stroke.Drip Scent Essentials is a small online business located in southern New Jersey. Our mission is to provide affordable products without compromising Quality.We specialize in all-natural, organic cruelty-free products for Him, Her, and Home. Our goal is to be more conscientious of what products we are putting on our skin, hair, and home by making the products ourselves. Our products are hand-made in small batches with love.

Fun Facts About Us: -Drip Scent Essentials logo colors meaning: the red lips represent Mrs. Drip as stroke survivor, the black color represent power & strength, and gold represents prosperity. -We love to Vend! We believe in connecting with our customers in person. We participated in 45 different vending event since our business launch in 2019. -80 % of our product ideas comes from our Customers! Keep those ideas coming! We are growing because of YOU!